Spanish Commercial Voiceover Demo

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Spanish Commercial Demo

There are many opinions on a good commercial demo. I share the passion for English as I do for Spanish demos. As I mentioned my Spanish demo is always evolving as I practice more and more. As I work with my coaches and mentors for English Voiceover, I also try to emulate that for my Spanish Voiceover work still staying true to the traditional Spanish sound as well. My Spanish dialect is neutral but I can also speak with a Mexican dialect. I was born and raised in Los Angeles California and grew up around the Chicano vibe, as well as staying true to my native Spanish which is central American (Nicaraguan). I have been very blessed with the ability to adapt my accents and reading styles and I am humble to say that I am a true student of my work.

*Voiceover for me is way more than just talking into a microphone it’s an art form, a passion and a love that I am so blessed to be able to do.

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